Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Long Awaited Homecoming

Well, in the morning my best friend and soulmate is starting his travel from West Virginia to Texas. He will arrive in Temple, TX on Friday September 3. Our love and dedication to each other has grown so much over this past year. I can honestly say that absence does make the heart grow founder. For me, the distance apart from each other made me learn to fully trust someone again. It allowed me to better rely on myself and not the other person so much in the relationship, not to depend on them for everything and learn to fend for and enjoy my own company while I was alone. Just knowing that someone was there that loves me unconditionally, for me, for my heart, no matter how far apart we are was what caused me to grow. Brian is the most confident, outgoing, fun loving, amazing man that I have ever met. He loves me with everything that he has and goes out of his way to make me happy. In saying that I will say that he makes time for himself as well. Which at first, I will admit took me a little off guard. I would say things like "your going to the movies by yourself, that is wierd." Now, guess who goes to the movies and out to eat by themself...you guessed it me! I still enjoy going with people to these things but Im now ok with going there alone. We have shared numberous (way to many to count) hours on the phone, texts, and video cam. So, greatful for At&t mobile to mobile. We have spent every holiday apart,except for Brian's birthday in December. I am looking forward to all holidays being spent together, starting with Labor day. Which I think is such a special holiday to spend together first because we have put a lot of hard labor into our relationship and I am greatful to see us finally together forever. I love you Brian Southworth and I look forward to spending my life with you. This homecoming is long awaited and soon we will wait no more.

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