Sunday, June 27, 2010

The growing 10 year old

Ten years ago I held a beautiful baby girl in my arms. This evening I packed a suitcase for her to go to preteen camp. Time passes way to fast, you blink your eyes and your kids no longer think barbie is cool or that they can have blues clues sheets on their bed. Gone are the days of barney, veggietales, and bear in the big blue house. When your kids are babies you cant wait for them to crawl, walk, and talk. Then suddenly they are old enough for preteen camp and to attend the middle school sunday school class at church. Yes, that is right, today Kaylee who is going to be in the fifth grade attended the 5-8 grade MIDDLE school class at TBC. I guess what I have learned today is cherish every moment, whether your child is on your last nerve or being an angel, today is a day your will never get back. Dont waste it wishing that your child could do something they arent old enough to do yet, or wanting to get back yesterday. Live today for today.


  1. well said :) these 10 years have gone by so fast, yet so much has happened in between!!